If you have a book nearby.. Know the etiquette of dealing with invitees

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The “Books of the Book” party is considered one of the most important parties in the life of a girl who is about to get married, so she plans to hold it to the fullest, from arranging the decor to inviting friends and family members, but some may misbehave, causing some to feel embarrassed, and this leads to spoiling The ceremony, so we review in this report, the etiquette of dealing in the books of the book, as indicated by Hala Al-Azab, an expert in etiquette and human relations..

wedding invitation etiquette

Hall selection etiquette

The bride must pay attention to the details of the day of the ceremony, choose the hall, and choose the songs. There is no need to choose songs that make the father feel sad, especially if the father is sick..

Etiquette for distributing invitations

The invitation to joy must be clear, and contain all the information about the wedding in terms of the timing of the ceremony in the morning or evening and by the hour, taking care to clarify whether children are allowed to attend or not, and it is presented a week before the celebration.

Etiquette for dealing with invitees

Attention must be paid to choosing the type of clothing, as it is not correct to wear a soiree embroidered with shiny stones or a shiny black suit during the day, and so pay attention to putting on daytime make-up and quiet hairstyles that fit the day celebrations, and also you must attend 10 minutes before the ceremony, and be careful to take care of the special seating seats. It is preferable that it be done by specialists organizing the ceremony, and it is not correct to give the director of the ceremony any “flash memory” to a musician or pictures for display at the time of the celebration except by the bride or groom.

Etiquette book celebration gifts

It is possible to make a visit a few days before the ceremony and present gifts, whether cash or in kind, but it is not correct to give gifts on the day of the ceremony to the newlyweds or their families, as the two parties will be preoccupied with many things.

Party etiquette at home

It is not correct for the family to invite large numbers and the space of the house is small, and also sweets and juices should be prepared appropriate with the number, and also for the invitees, not to roam inside the bride’s house, it is not correct to open rooms without permission, and also not to bring children due to the inability to control them, and not throwing Empty dessert plates under the seats or on the floor, but they must be placed in baskets or bags to collect the empty dishes and plates.

book books
book books
Etiquette book books
Etiquette book books


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