A woman walks “upside down” in the swimming pool, the Red Carpet style.. Video

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Spread on social media, multiple videos of a woman walking upside down in the pool, where the videos show “Makoshenko” walking upside down in a pool while wearing high heels.

American Kristina Makushenko, the world champion in synchronized swimming, a mixture of gymnastics, swimming and ballet. ndtv.

Christina walks in the water

The video begins with Makushenko walking upside down in a pool in high heels, suddenly turning 360 degrees, picking up a bag from the bottom of the pool, carrying it on her shoulder, and walking straight.

The video was shared in July but has now gone viral and has amassed over 54.1 million views and more than 1.7 million likes on Instagram. “.

A third user commented: “How is there no movement of water when you move your arms and legs? This is unbelievable.”

Makushenko has about 700,000 followers on “Instagram”, and she often publishes her photos and videos about swimming, which many social media users love.


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