A chimpanzee escapes from the Ukrainian zoo of Kharkiv and requires a bike to return.. Video

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On Monday, a number of Kharkiv residents saw a chimpanzee walking comfortably near Freedom Square in the city, which is not far from the Kharkiv Zoo..

According to local news reports, the animal, known as Qixi, easily unlocked the gate and opened the locks, and went for a walk around town..

Videos filmed by eyewitnesses showed that a female zoo employee approached the chimpanzee and as soon as she called him, he was seen running towards her open arms..

The employee was later seen sitting next to the chimpanzee, apparently chatting with him. Apparently, Chichi was offered some reward for returning to his “home” but what convinced the chimpanzee to return to the cage was his favorite yellow rain jacket, and some were moved by the sight of the cuddling between the zoo employee.

This wasn’t the first time the chimpanzees had tried to escape from the zoo, he had already gone out, but the zoo staff would bring him back every time..

Chichi was brought to the Kharkiv Zoo after the “Ecopark”, which was sheltering the animals, was bombed, and many of the animals were moved to new shelters across Ukraine following the Russian military operation in the country that began last February..


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