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What is the story of the arrest of 40 Jordanians in Kenya for beggary? .. This is how the media interacted

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publish date 2022-09-08 08:29:34

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The Secretary-General of the Norwegian Society for Justice and Peace, Dr. Tariq Anani, said that the association sponsored 40 Jordanians, who were arrested by the Kenyan authorities today for violating regulations and laws.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Affairs, Ambassador Haitham Abu Al-Ful, confirmed that the 40 people violated the regulations and conditions of residence, indicating that the ministry is following up on the conditions of their expected return within days.

Anani added that there are 5 days as a deadline for them to arrange their travel procedures, after the expiry of their legal residency period.

He indicated the deadline for their travel, which falls on the ninth of this month.

Sources described by Hosni Radio as informed, revealed that the people who were arrested in Kenya are a group of families (fathers, mothers and their children) who hold Jordanian citizenship.

She added that these people arrived in Kenya, which does not have any direct airlines with Jordan for tourism, and they had hotel reservations and return tickets when they obtained entry visas to Kenya, but they canceled hotel reservations and return tickets upon their arrival, and they were sleeping in a mosque and began practicing Profession begging and selling perfume.

The sources confirmed that the Jordanian government is following up on their situation, as legal measures will be taken against them upon their return to the country, knowing that they belong to mobile population centers and practice the profession of begging, and some of them are registered against previous restrictions in this regard in Jordan.

It is reported that the price of a one-way ticket to Kenya, according to global reservations sites, is a minimum of $ 500 per person.

It is noteworthy that these people are from the category of people who live in tents and ruins in Jordan, and they usually practice beggary professions and sell light materials and tools.

The news of the arrest of beggars in Kenya received a reaction on social media:

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