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The Public Works Authority submits a tender for the construction of the first school on the modeled building system

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publish date 2022-09-08 17:56:00

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has submitted a tender for the construction of the first school on the modeled building system.

The ministry said in a press statement today, Thursday, that as a result of the construction industry witnessing a tangible shift towards precast buildings, part of the construction sector will shift from implementing construction projects to providing ready-made construction products.

She called on the construction sector, which contributes to the national economy, to seek to switch to model buildings, in order to keep pace with developments and encourage the export of the construction industry to neighboring countries.

She pointed out that the development in the construction industry came to keep pace with global developments and apply them in Jordan, which will reflect positively on the services provided to citizens.

She pointed out that the school that will be built on this system is the Bader Secondary School for Girls, with an estimated total area of ​​7,000 square meters, and it consists of 4 floors, containing (classrooms, laboratories, library, professional workshop, art room, computer, Gymnasium, music room, multi-purpose hall, kindergarten, administrative rooms, health units, public services, guard room).

It also includes the general site works such as playgrounds, outdoor yards, fences, entrance and exit gates, sidewalks, car parks with the necessary numbers, a water tank, assembly pits and a water harvesting tank, in addition to electromechanical works, with an implementation and design period of 8 months.

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