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Start submitting applications for grants and external missions electronically (link)

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publish date 2022-09-08 07:38:09

The process of submitting electronic applications to benefit from foreign scholarships and scholarships for the academic year 2022/2023 begins Thursday, and continues until next Monday evening, according to the Missions Directorate of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

And she said in a press release: Students who have obtained a Jordanian general secondary certificate and who have achieved the requirements for success to enroll in universities for the first time in the (general) summer sessions for the year 2022 and supplementary for the year 2021 in the scientific branch and the scientific branch / medical field, or its equivalent (Arab or foreign high school certificates ) from inside or outside the Kingdom for the academic year 2022 only, at a rate of no less than 85%, and those wishing to benefit from the external grants provided to the Kingdom within the framework of cultural exchange with Arab and foreign countries that the application process will start Thursday and until 12 pm next Monday, through The website of the Directorate of Missions.

The Ministry directed the students to the following:

1. It is necessary to review the details and instructions for external grants for the academic year 2022/2023, which are located on the website of the Directorate of Missions through the following link www.dsamohe.gov.jo, which includes the conditions of the Ministry and the conditions of the donor countries, the number of grants and their distribution to specializations and countries and includes both ( Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Armenia, Romania), in addition to the privileges provided by the donor country, the ministry, and the costs borne by the student.

2. The high school average, the 51 geographical brigades, and the legal brigades, numbering 3, (special education – foreign certificates from inside the Kingdom – foreign certificates from outside the Kingdom) are adopted as a basis for the competition process.

3. The number of scholarships for each district was distributed and determined by calculating the relative importance of the number of students who obtained an average of 85% or higher in each district compared to the total number of students in all districts. When entering the application program, the student can identify the countries and specializations that he is entitled to competition for his brigade.

4. All documents required of the student (personal file documents / state documents) are submitted by the final candidate. The student is not required to prepare any document before the final nomination, with the exception of the equivalency document for non-Jordanian certificates.

5. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research will announce the names of the students nominated for these scholarships after announcing the unified admission list, as any student who is nominated for admission to the same major in a Jordanian university will be excluded from the list of nominations for external scholarships.

6. Whether the student’s decision is to accept or reject the scholarship he is nominated for, he will not be nominated for any other external scholarship even if a student from the same district objects.

7. The Ministry confirms that the nomination process and the announcement of the names of the nominated students is carried out in accordance with the highest standards of transparency, through an electronic system and without any human intervention, whereby each student can see the names and grades of students who have been nominated in the same brigade in which he is competing.

8. The student is responsible for the correctness of the contact information entered (phone number/e-mail).

9. The student must apply through a computer, and it is not possible to apply over the phone.

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