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Sending 6,300 text messages to establishments inviting them to benefit from the Estidama program

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publish date 2022-09-08 09:25:33

The Social Security Corporation announced that it has sent (6300) text messages (sms) to establishments that employ (10) workers or less from various sectors and economic activities, inviting them to benefit from the (Sustainability ++) program, which contributes to subsidizing the wages and subscriptions of Jordanian and non-Jordanian workers.

The Foundation indicated in a press release issued by its media center that the support provided by the (Sustainability ++) program to the establishments continues for (18) months, so that workers benefiting from the program are paid a monthly inclusion incentive of (100) dinars for a period of three months, disbursed in the third month And the tenth and fifteenth, divided equally between the employer and the worker at the rate of (50) dinars each.

The Foundation added that the other support provided by the program is to contribute to subsidizing the insurance contributions for establishments at a rate of (50%) of them for the first nine months and with a ceiling of (30) dinars per month, and at a rate of (25%) of them for the subsequent nine months and with a ceiling of (15) dinars per month, so that the support is distributed Between the worker and the facility, each according to its percentage of the contributions due, indicating that it is required for the insured to benefit from the program that his wage subject to deduction does not exceed (500) dinars.

Regarding the mechanism for benefiting from the (Sustainability ++) program for establishments that meet the conditions of benefit, the Corporation indicated that the facility liaison officer can access the facility’s account on the Corporation’s electronic services, choose the “Sustainability Program ++” service and fill out the application.

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