The strangest tombs around the world.. in the form of an ornate carpet and colorful houses

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Many people are interested in building suitable homes for them, and they are keen to choose different and distinctive pieces of decoration, similar to the most prominent fashion trends, but some are interested in building their tombs in a way that dazzles those who see them, and for this we review in the following report the strangest tombs around the world, according to the website “thetravel” As follows:

The strangest cemeteries around the world

Carpet Cemetery

This cemetery was designed in the form of a carpet. It is a cemetery for the international ballet dancer, Rudolf Nureyev. It is among the Russian cemeteries in Paris. The cemetery cover was designed from a carving covered with mosaic stones in the form of a carpet inspired by the Russian fabric. This cemetery was designed by the Italian artist, Ezio Frigerio, who is a decorator. And theater scenes and designed the decorations and details of all of Nureyev’s performances and wanted to design the last scene of his life.

Cemetery details

Tomb of Rudolf Nureyev
Tomb of Rudolf Nureyev

Merry’s cemetery

Tombstones always have the positive aspects of the deceased’s life, with their date of birth and death and a short note on how they were a beloved friend, spouse or family member, but at Meri Cemetery in Romania there are hundreds of wooden crosses decorated slightly differently. A painted portrait of a person, or sometimes a depiction of the way he passed away, with a humorous note or poem about his life.

Merry Cemetery
Merry’s cemetery

hanging boxes

The Igorot tribe of Mountain County has practiced this burial tradition for a long time, which relies on placing the bodies in coffins and then hanging them on the side of the mountain. Water and soil enter their coffins.

hanging tombs
hanging tombs

Cemeteries in the form of houses

There is a unique cemetery that blends different traditions and cultures in one exciting cemetery located in the town ofAnchroage Alaska and the area was once home to a tribe Danaina but after the Russian Orthodox missionaries moved to the region, the two cultures fused together, and before the arrival of the Russian Orthodox missionaries, the Danina tribe would cremate the bodies of their loved ones after their death, but with the mixing of traditions, they began to bury them instead of burning them and then put a blanket over their graves, then 40 days later A colorful house is built in the belief that this helps protect their souls and represent their bodies after burial.

burial houses
burial houses


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