Schools are on the way.. How to help your children prepare for the new school year

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With the beginning of the new school year, every family begins to prepare and prepare its children for study, and to avoid feelings of tension and anxiety associated with the new school year, there are a set of tips and guidelines that must be followed to ensure that these negative feelings are not transmitted to children, which we review in this report, according to what Reham Abdel Rahman indicated. Researcher in mental health and family counseling, during her conversation with us.

child support

psychological rehabilitation

The family must prepare the student psychologically to prepare for study after a long vacation spent in travel and trips, and the dates are not fixed, so as not to alienate the child from school, and the family must prepare him psychologically through words of encouragement and support and talk about seeking knowledge in a positive way, in addition to starting training the child Organize your time and sleep early.

Choosing school supplies

The family should ensure that the children participate when purchasing school supplies, such as books, colored pens, and notebooks; This stimulates the child’s passion for learning and makes him relate to study.

Time management training

Being careful to practice the skill of time management long enough before the start of school helps prevent children from staying up late, and also helps them avoid using the Internet and social networking sites for long periods..

be patient

With the beginning of the first week of the study, many mothers suffer from the children’s unwillingness to study and their inability to focus, and here it is necessary to deal flexibly and understand the children’s psychology, especially with the pressures placed on them, so the mother should avoid criticizing or describing the child as a failure and inability to Understanding, because every child has abilities that distinguish him from others, so the mother must be patient; This is normal, especially at the beginning of the study.

Proper nutrition

The ability to focus while studying and absorb information is directly related to proper nutrition, and therefore the family should pay attention to the children’s eating of vegetables, fruits, fish and vitamins that provide the body with energy and the ability to focus..

Marital Dispute Management

Good management of marital disputes increases the children’s confidence in themselves and puts them in a safe environment that believes that disagreement in opinion does not spoil friendship an issue, and that winning hearts is more important than winning attitudes, and therefore parents must manage conflict away from their children, so that these differences do not affect their academic achievement.

Get to know your child

Getting to know the child and his personality begins by asking about his school day. Through this question, the child realizes the extent of interest in his feelings, and serves as an opportunity to unload all the feelings that he experienced during this day.

Getting your child ready for school
Getting your child ready for school
I beat myself up for the kids
Psychological support for children


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