On the Rifa’i way.. “Hanash” brings snakes out of the houses: between me and them a covenant

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Creeping animals, especially snakes, their presence and vision are familiar to many people, especially in the governorates of Upper Egypt, which is considered one of the hottest regions in Egypt, which made Al-Hanash and Al-Rifai a profession from which some people earn their livelihood and is represented in removing snakes from homes, as explained by Ahmed Hanash, the 22-year-old. From Minya Governorate, where he said in his interview with “Al-Youm Al-Sabaa” that he practiced this job, father and grandfather, as he made a covenant between him and her on the Rifa’i way, according to what he said.

Ahmed follows the Rifai method of catching snakes

Hanash said that the Rifa’i method is considered the safest way that helps in catching snakes inside homes, because of the covenant he took between him and them, which is to say to them, “For the sake of the verses of God and the Rifa’iyyah method, between me and you, our Lord.” With these words, Hanash claimed that the snake He understands it despite not hearing it, as snakes do not have a sense of hearing, but they understand the vibrations of the conversation that takes place between them and the Hanash, especially since it takes a certain fat from the mouth of another snake to be inhaled by the snake that wants to catch it, which for them represents a familiar perfume, so they do not escape from it .

And he added: “I am inside honestly and there are no traitors because the snake also does not leave me.”

Hanash said that his name and surname came based on his profession that he inherited from his ancestors, and his work does not stop in summer or winter, and he also explained that snakes appear frequently inside homes, especially in Upper Egypt, but the nature of snakes that love warmth may appear on the roads, especially at noon in order to rise By warming her body in the winter, and in the summer she searches for the most shaded and humid places to stay in between a drain, a nest, or a pond.

Concerning the forms of snakes and their names, he said that there are more than 66 poisonous species, including the small and horned cobra known as the Tarisha, the mother of the bell, and others. Attract reptiles.

And he added, “Snakes have rabid ones, and this is the one who will be bitten by someone before that or hit by someone, and there will be revenge against anyone who approaches him.”

And he continued, “The snake that looks like this must feel safe in order to come out with me without harming him or me, but if I turn on him and find him, he will be saved, and he will not walk on him again.”

He concluded by saying: “The covenant between me and her is in the name of God, and every house has a guard, and the one who guards all is our Lord.”

Ahmed Al Hanash


taming snakes
taming snakes

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snake hunter



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