Living and not living .. a clinically dead American moves his feet moments before donating his organs

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A hospital in the United States of America witnessed a strange medical case, as one of the cases of an American patient was diagnosed as “clinically dead”, as the American Ryan Marlowe was in the hospital for two weeks after being diagnosed with listeria, a rare bacterial infection.

After two weeks of treatment, doctors declared Ryan clinically dead, according to his wife Megan, and doctors told the wife that a bacterial infection had caused swelling in the brain, which led to “neural death,” according to the timesnownews.

the couple

Meghan shared the news of her husband’s condition on social media via a Facebook Live, and when Ryan was registered as an organ donor, doctors kept his body on life support before finding potential matches for his organs.

But on August 30, when Ryan’s family was at the hospital for his final farewell, someone noticed something shocking: Meghan’s niece said Ryan’s feet moved or trembled when shown videos of his children.

This led Meghan to ask the medical team to test her husband’s brain function again, and to their surprise, the follow-up CT scan showed signs of brain activity, which means that doctors mistakenly declared Ryan “clinically dead”.

Once the scans and reports were confirmed, Megan went live again on Facebook and said, “I can’t make this up, I can’t make up this, short story, I’ll tell you the story another day, he’s not brain dead, my friends, he’s not brain dead.” .

Since the rescues, Marlowe has shown signs of a high heart rate and has continued to flicker, however, he remains largely unresponsive, according to his wife.


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