I caught her at the last moment.. A smart watch saves a woman stuck in a gym.. Video

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Police have rescued a woman who was stuck upside down in a gym after she somehow managed to call the emergency number using her smartphone. Upturned.

The footage of the accident shows Kristen doing her best to lift her lower body, but soon realized she was stuck, and a few seconds after the clip, she was heard talking to a police official about her predicament, according to timesnownews.

The only person I knew in the gym at 3 am was Jason, but he was in the other room and he couldn’t hear her.

woman stuck

After failing several times to lift herself, Kristen called 911 and asked for help. I can’t breathe well.”

After the police intervened
After the police intervened

Towards the end of the video, an officer is seen standing next to the device, helping Kristen to get out of it.


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