How to use gems correctly and get rid of the energy of their old owner?

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Everyone seeks to buy the original gemstones, because of their health, aesthetic and therapeutic benefits because of their energy, but their wrong use may cause damage and corruption, and it is also possible to corrupt their energy and become worthless, so the seventh day reviews some different and varied ways that help you in The correct use of gemstones according to the site “gemisphere” As follows:

Wear gemstones around your neck:

One of the most powerful and convenient ways to experience the healing benefits of gemstones is to wear a necklace or chain. When you wear healing gemstones around your neck, their energies radiate in all directions, penetrating the deepest levels of your body and aura. At night while you sleep, you can wear the necklace or keep it three feet from your body to maintain contact with the gemstone.


Use it as a cure

You can wrap the necklace and place it on a sick or injured area to speed up the healing of the area, and you can also place certain necklaces on the chakras, the palms of your hands, or the soles of your feet.

Putting the stone on the hand

Putting the stone on the hand

Getting rid of the energy of the old owner:

Avoid wearing precious stones immediately after purchasing them, because they are saturated with the energy of their old owner, so there is a way to clean them and saturate them from you, which is, wash them with lukewarm water, then hold the stone in the palm of your hand, and look at it for a few moments, and be saturated with the color of the stone and energy with your eyes, then open yourself to this energy and welcome it. .

Getting rid of the old owner's energy

Getting rid of the old owner’s energy

Not to wear it once you have bought it:

Another way to clean the stone is to hold the necklace directly in front of you, then slowly bring it towards your heart, then breathe in forcefully. If at any time you feel resistance to the movement of the gem, bring the gems more slowly to support the resolution of any obstacles between you and the stone, gemstones have a history and a sense according to Gem energy science.



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