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When buying a school backpack for a child, several criteria must be taken into account, including that it bears his misery and accommodates the volume of books, in order to keep using them throughout the year, and because families are preparing during this period to buy school bags for their children, they must follow several tips that we review in this report, when purchasing which We know it, according to the website “verywellfamily” As follows:

How do you choose a suitable school bag for your child?

Pay attention to the quality of the bag

Low-quality backpacks usually last from a few weeks to a few months, so they are not suitable even for one school season, so it is better to buy a backpack that is durable and can be repaired and lasts for more than one season.

Choose the right size

The width of the backpack should be proportional to the width of the back, for example we should not choose for a small child a large backpack, moreover, the height of the backpack should extend from about two inches below the shoulder blades to the level of the waist, or slightly above the waist.

Wide, padded straps

You should look for bags designed with wide straps and padded shoulders, to provide more comfort and protect the shoulders from excessive pressure, and it is important to use both straps to distribute the weight of the backpack evenly.

Test the bag before you buy it

It is preferable to bring some personal items that the child usually carries in his bag to the store, and put them in the backpack while trying it, to get to know the feeling of the child while he is wearing it.

Three things to check when buying a bag, including:

Avoid loose or uneven stitching that can break easily.

Check the edges of the fabric that can be frayed.

Test the zippers more than once to ensure their quality, provided that the bag contains more than one zipper..

Opt for “zippers,” which have laminated and lined canvas panels on the inside to keep water and other items out of the backpack.

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