How do you encourage your lazy husband to help you with household chores?

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Some women may face difficulty in dealing with husbands who are lazy and do not want to do any housework, even if it is simple.“timesofindia”.

Tips for dealing with a lazy husband

Giving the title of “champion” to the husband

It is advised that the wife give her lazy husband the title of “hero” when helping her with some simple household chores such as collecting dishes from the table after eating, which makes him feel strong and appreciated by his wife, and he may take the initiative to provide more assistance to the wife.

always appreciated

The wife should always appreciate and praise her lazy husband, as this helps him feel appreciated for helping his wife and ashamed of refusing to help her all the time.

Flexibility in dealing

Sometimes the husband may help his wife, but in his own way and not in hers, and that is why the wife must specify what she wants for him and be flexible with him, so as not to be stubborn and refuse to help her again.

Talk to him while doing household chores

The wife can talk with her husband about any topic he is interested in, while he helps her, whether in cleaning the floors and cleaning the closets, which encourages him to participate and finish the housework with his wife.


The wife must be aware that the husband is not proficient in the various skills, and this must be taken into account in terms of his performance at work, while calling on the husband to end the work and avoid harassing him.

Go for a leisure trip

The wife should try to break the routine in agreement with her husband by traveling or going to one of the recreational places where they can enjoy some time, so that they feel happy and at the same time help him get used to the movement and strengthen her relationship with him.

Make him feel needed

short trip
short trip

lazy husband
lazy husband

be flexible


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