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See the “Abu Sajeen” castle in Ajloun… Architectural diversity and a view of Nablus (photos)

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publish date 2022-09-07 10:36:56

Compass – It is normal for a person to think about building his own house, but to build a castle is unusual. This is what Bassam Aliwa Abu Sajeen did, in Ajloun Governorate.

In the Anjara region, Abu Sajeen (63 years) chose a plot of land he owned with an area of ​​5 and a half dunams, to implement an idea he had always dreamed of, which is to build a private castle that contains many historical architectural styles in its design.

This plot of land features a viewIt allows the visitor to see the Palestinian city of Nablus, and to enjoy the greenery of trees that filled the place.

The selection of the site was not in vain, as it includes an oak tree more than 4 centuries old, which Abu Sajeen wanted to make it the most prominent feature of his project, which he has been working on for 13 years.

Anatolia visited the place and saw the amount of effort that Abu Sajin made in building the 2,500-square-meter fortress, but it does not exceed 30% of the final image that he aspires to reach, he says.

Childhood dream

Abu Sajeen holds a university degree in law, and worked in the security unit at the University of Jordan (governmental), until he reached retirement age in February 2020.

He began his speech, describing himself by saying: “I am a farmer dealing with earth and stone,” as if he wanted to give a sentence to relieve himself of some questions, especially the reason for the construction and its name “the castle.”

He added: “This is a childhood dream, as I lived that stage in an old stone house, and the architectural style of the last century was imprinted in my memory and sentimental.”

He continued, “When I reached the age of fifty, I decided to build my own project, which is a castle using the huge stones of the Ajloun Mountains, in order to imitate the construction of various methods and styles of construction and be a distinctive title that brings it together in one place.”

A mixture of civilizations

As for the reason for the name, Abu Sajeen said: “Because the building style is closer to historical castles, the place contains a basement and a tunnel, the thickness of the walls is more than one and a half meters, the ceilings are 6 meters high, and the doors are wooden designed in a heritage style.”

And he added: “From my general culture, I liked to link the building of the castle to the Roman and Byzantine style, in addition to the current construction methods; To be a mixture between the past and the present, but what distinguishes the place is the large number of Ottoman arches, which give it a special beauty and style, indicating the influence of our culture on the Ottoman civilization.”

He added: “In every interface you find a mixture of civilizations. I did not adopt a specific pattern, but rather focused on the random method, and the ideas were the result of their moment.”

multi-use building

Abu Sajeen stated that “the building is multi-purpose and uses, and its most important facilities are wedding halls, family sessions, games, children’s playgrounds, and hostels for the purpose of staying in the place and enjoying the beauty of its view for about 50 people.”

He explained, “I have spent about half a million Jordanian dinars (704,000 US dollars) on the castle so far, and despite all that, only 30% of the final image I aspire to have achieved.”

When the goal is higher than everything, there is no harm in Abu Sajeen bragging about saying: “I used to divide the returns of my income between the studies of my sons and daughters, and spending on building this project.”

The man did not deny those who helped him in his work, noting that one of the most prominent people who helped him is a Syrian citizen who has lived in the Kingdom for nearly 30 years. Saleh Kahawati, from Idlib city, “has a unique talent in dealing with huge stones and building them in an artistic style.”

He pointed out that “the place is currently ready to receive visitors and tourists, and the prices are popular and accessible to everyone, so I am trying to give everyone the opportunity to live a unique experience.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “Every person seeks to achieve his goal in this life, and with this castle – despite its incompleteness – but I feel that I have achieved an achievement that no one else has achieved, everyone can build their own house, and as for the idea of ​​the castle, I do not think that anyone has preceded me in that.”

Ajloun.. history and beautiful nature

Ajloun Governorate is characterized by its mild climate in summer, which makes it a destination for visitors from inside and outside Jordan, and permanent greenery that gives the Jordanian city an enchanting beauty that captivates the onlookers.

In Ajloun, the oldest historical castles bearing the name of the city are located, confirming the depth of its history and mimicking the splendor of Islamic creativity in repelling the threats that were besetting it.

The fortress is located on one of the city’s mountains, in a location that was chosen by the political wisdom of the Islamic leader Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, after he instructed Izz al-Din Osama in 1184 to build it.

That period witnessed political challenges and complications stemming from the threats of the Franks at the time, which prompted Salah al-Din to issue a decision to build a fortress in exchange for another in Palestine called “the planet of passion”; To monitor the movements of the Crusader armies.


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