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Antiquities will receive the seized artifacts in Ajloun after the case is over

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publish date 2022-09-07 10:22:34

The Compass – Director General of the General Department of Antiquities Fadi Balawi said, on Wednesday, that the General Department of Antiquities will receive the seized artifacts in the Ajloun Governorate from the court after the completion of the investigation procedures, or the end of the case according to the decision of the Public Prosecutor or the Court of First Instance judge.

According to a statement by the department, between Balawi, the Ajloun Antiquities Directorate carried out a sensory and technical inspection in the presence of the concerned security authorities on the seized pieces at the Kafrnaja Security Center in Ajloun Governorate.

He explained that the Ajloun Antiquities Directorate prepared a preliminary report on the seized items and handed it over to the Kafranja Security Center, which in turn referred the case to the Ajloun Public Prosecutor for consideration. The pieces were then handed over to the warehouse of the Ajloun Court of First Instance.

Balawi confirmed that, after sensory and technical detection from the Ajloun Antiquities Directorate, it was found that the 451 seized pieces did not include gold pieces, indicating that they were a group of mixed antiques, modern and counterfeit pieces.

He said that the seized pieces included two pottery pieces for a jar and a lamp. According to the initial discovery, these pieces date back to the middle Bronze Age. They also included a set of pieces of a bronze coin in a damaged and unclear condition that needed cleaning by sound scientific methods, and treatment. To know its exact history.

Balawi explained that among the seized pieces, there is a piece of modern currency and other pieces of newly counterfeited, in addition to metal pieces of iron and lead, which indicates that these pieces were collected from more than one place and during a period of time and for several years and were not found in one place.

He indicated that the cadres of the Department of Antiquities deal with such issues on a daily basis, and there are many experts trained at the highest levels to deal with all issues related to antiquities and artifacts.

A citizen was a resident of the Kufranja district in Ajloun governorate, and according to what he said, during his search for archaeological symbols, he found a pottery jar containing bronze pieces, which he then handed over to the Kufranja Security Center.

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