So that he does not feel jealous.. Tips to prepare the dog to receive a new baby in the family

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Families are keen to prepare their children to receive the dog they intend to raise at home, but what many do not know is that it is necessary to prepare the dog also for the arrival of a new born, because it is one of the animals that tends to settle and feel nervous when changing their routine of life and jealousy also when changing their breeder’s treatment of them, Therefore, dog expert John Smith provided some tips that help prepare the dog for the arrival of a new baby, which we review in this report, according to the British newspaper “Metro” website.

How to prepare dogs to receive a new baby in the family

Prepare the dog

The dog’s routine is turned upside down when a new baby is born in the family, which captures the attention of the father and mother all the time, after the dog was obsessed with this attention and care before the presence of the newborn, as John said: “Dogs tend to routine because it helps them feel safe, Therefore, the best way to prevent them from feeling unsettled is to prepare them in advance with the arrival of the newborn, bearing in mind that the parents should not be less interested in the dog as well, by introducing new smells and things related to the new born in addition to filling the house with children’s toys so that the dog gets used to it.

Dog training for a newborn baby

Baby stroller

After the dog gets used to the smells related to the baby’s supplies, the mattress should be changed and the high chairs added to the baby as well as the stroller and the bed for the new born, and this should be changed slowly in the months and weeks prior to the date of birth, with the need for the dog to see all the decorations and supplies for the newborn.

dog breeding
dog breeding

Play the sound of crying

The dog must get used to hearing the sound of crying most of the time, before the arrival of the newborn, by playing recordings of a crying child, so that the dog gets used to the sound.

Treating a dog with a child
Treating a dog with a child

Create a dog border

The dog may feel jealous when visitors come to the house to see the child, so a specific place must be allocated for the newborn to prevent the dog from reaching it.

Encouraging the dog to behave in a calm manner

The newborn tends to make a lot of noise, so he gets the attention of his parents to play with him and calm him most of the time, which causes the dog to be deprived of that attention, which causes him to feel jealous, so the mother must train the dog to see her carrying a child by carrying a doll At the same time, you talk to the dog and interact with it, so that it gets used to it and becomes calm and rewards it for its behavior by giving some food and playing with it.


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