4 benefits of chewing frankincense.. it reduces stress and helps in quitting smoking

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Chewing gum or gum can be considered a lifestyle or habit, but can it really be good for you? There are actually some benefits to chewing gum, it may seem strange that chewing a piece of candy does not reach the stomach to have benefits, so “The Seventh Day” reviews some of the effect of frankincense according to the website “greatest” As follows:

reduces stress

Because chewing helps lower stress levels, a small research review of 20 studies on chewing gum and stress found evidence that frankincense reduces stress in people in the workplace and education.

Strengthens memory

Chewing frankincense has been linked to improved cognition and memory, and a study with magnetic resonance imaging tests found that chewing frankincense activates the part of the brain associated with memory, but experts said more research is needed to determine whether chewing frankincense can prevent memory loss or improve memory in people. People with traumatic brain injury.

Improves oral health

Chewing gum can be good for your teeth, but make sure it’s sugar-free. Chewing sugar-free gum after eating can help clean food from your teeth, increase saliva production to fight plaque, and rebuild enamel.

Helps you quit smoking

Although a regular piece of gum may keep your mouth occupied while quitting cigarettes, there is a better type of gum for the job. A 2013 research review showed that NRT, which includes the use of gum, is 80% more effective in helping People seeking to quit smoking a placebo.

eat frankincense

eat gum
eat frankincense

chewing gum benefits
frankincense benefits


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