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A bid of 150 million dinars for the development of King Hussein Bridge

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publish date 2022-08-31 15:12:49

The Minister of Transport, Engineer Wajih Azaiza, affirmed that Jordan must harness all its capabilities to facilitate the travel of the Palestinian brothers and ensure their comfort in their dissolution and travel.

He said during a ministerial meeting held today, Wednesday, in the presence of Interior Minister Mazen Al-Faraya and Palestinian Minister of Transport and Communications Assem Salem, to discuss facilitating travel procedures for Palestinians through the various crossings, that Jordan is keen to facilitate travel procedures for Palestinians via King Hussein Bridge and Queen Alia International Airport.

Azayza revealed government efforts to expedite the issuance of a tender soon to develop the permanent headquarters of King Hussein Bridge, at a value of 150 million dinars, with the aim of facilitating travel and dispelling obstacles.

He affirmed Jordan’s firm and clear position on Timna Airport, explaining that the Kingdom submitted an official objection to its operation with the International Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 2019, which resulted in the cancellation of international flights from the airport.

In turn, Al-Faraya said that the government began a few days ago to make improvements to the travel process through the King Hussein Bridge, such as increasing the cadres working on the bridge and facilitating some administrative procedures inside the crossing.

He explained that the meeting discussed a number of procedures related to travel across the King Hussein Bridge and the subsequent procedures for baggage and passengers inside the bridge, and the departure of travelers from the crossing to Amman, stressing the Kingdom’s continued development of infrastructure procedures on the bridge.

For his part, Minister Salem said that this visit comes at the request of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh, to discuss with the Jordanian brothers about finding solutions to the problems facing the Palestinians during their movement between the two banks.

He added that the discussions focused on the facilities provided to the Palestinians during their travel to Jordan, noting that the Jordanian response to the observations presented to them reflects the Kingdom’s move to improve the movement of travel through bridges and crossings.

He pointed out that a complaints fund was established to receive complaints in the event of any obstacles encountered by travelers while traveling at the Palestinian-Jordanian crossings.

The Palestinian minister stressed, “The new Israeli airport does not concern the Palestinians, the government and the people. What concerns them is their Jordanian and Arab depth only.”


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