Service and confusion: “My girlfriend’s family rejected me… and she is holding on to me. What should I do?”

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“I love one woman and she loves me as I love her and maybe more, too, and I don’t want to insult me ​​and I don’t know how to stay away from her, and I went to her once, two, three and the last time they all agreed, and her mother from the first agreed, until I met her uncle and spoke with him because her father is dead and her uncle sat with me and we spoke And we agreed on every need, and we set a date for an engagement, and every thing came back completely, until another day, her uncle came up with the topic and he was not satisfied with the engagement.

My family said to her mother that I spoke to her, and she said to her brother and her brother that he hit her very hard, and she was going to die in his hand, and I did not know all of this. When I first learned about her, I went to her again, and I spoke to her until they stopped beating her, and after a period of about two or three months, I knew nothing about her other than everything. Where and where is her friend, I thought I would leave her because of the problems and send her with her company and I was getting engaged, and when I heard she rang me and told me that she would die, and I don’t know what to do, and now she is talking to me, and all I tell her is, you’d rather get upset and cry and want to die herself, what do I do? “


We transferred the problem to Dr. Samar Kishk, a mental health specialist and relationship expert, where she said that the young man who complained should make his family interfere in his relationship with the girl he loves, and he does not face this problem alone because it is clear that her uncle sees them still young, because his family’s conversation with them will make him know the reason for the refusal The real one, or even if, as her uncle says, because of her young age, they offer to hold the engagement for a period that they determine together, and the mental health specialist continued that if there is a senior in the area, there is no objection also to his intervention, especially since the two parties in this story want each other and are related to each other as well. Satisfaction is the basis of any Relationship.

The mental health specialist added that the young man should not leave her alone and do everything in his effort to gain the trust of her family in him, because it is clear from the lines of the problem that he really loves her, so he does not despair and does all the ways to deserve it, whether he strives in his work and encourages her to study if she is studying With all guarantees put in place for her family to make them feel safe for their daughter with him if they agree to the engagement.

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