It’s not all happiness.. 4 marriage myths that need correcting

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Marriage is an institution that requires a great degree of commitment, understanding, great trust and a lot of sacrifices and concessions from both parties, in order for the relationship to succeed in order to continue in safety and security. It has nothing to do with health, and there are some incorrect myths explained by married couples, according to the website.timesofindia“.

Marriage will make you happy

There is a belief that marriage makes a person happy, and brings fulfillment to life, and this is not true, because being with someone he loves will make him feel accomplished and satisfied, but that feeling does not stay forever, you may learn things from your partner that may make the person less like him, and you may fight in Life and you feel that your partner is holding you back from achieving what you want, and in the end you have to find a way to make the person happy, and not depend all the time on marriage to make him happy.

It is better for the two to be friends

It’s great for a couple to be friends, though it’s unreliable, it’s not the way a marriage should work out, and it can put a lot of pressure on, and even though the marriage is great, you may find some annoyances and quarrels.

Having children will bring you closer to your partner

Often when spouses meet any different conflicts or problems; What comes to mind is childbearing, until problems are solved, and this is a false myth. In some cases, having a child brings a lot of new problems to the spouses, and they may even separate.

You won’t be lonely anymore

The feeling of loneliness is a difficult thing and some may suffer from it at different stages in life, and some advise that marriage makes life not boring, full of joy and one will not live alone, but this may be a misconception, because the wife after marriage may still feel lonely, and marriage Not giving the attention she was looking for.

Wife is all you need

having a child
having a child

It will make you happy
It will make you happy

You will never be alone
You will never be alone


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