He loves cuddles.. A crocodile takes part in a competition for the title of the most favorite pet in America “Sour”

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The alligator from Pennsylvania, USA, competes for the title of America’s favorite pet contest, and the alligatorA 7-year-old reptile from York who is said to “love cuddles” is currently leading a popular competition for new pets, which includes animals of all shapes, sizes and types. It is currently unknown how many votes voted for him, but the crocodile has more than 68,000 followers on his account on “Tik Tok”, according to the New York Post.

And on the crocodile’s account on “Tik Tok”, it is written: It is an “emotional support animal”, and its owners are said to be rescuing reptiles, andThe Pet Favorites competition includes rounds of online voting to determine which animal will be crowned the winner.


You can vote via AmericasFavPet.com free by casting one or two votes per day depending on the verification method chosen, andAlternatively, people can choose to cast 10 to 250 votes through a cash donation, which will benefit the Progressive Animal Welfare Association. It is a non-profit shelter and rehabilitation organization based in Lynnwood, Washington, andif he wins WallyGator In America’s Favorite Pet Kingdom, he will receive a prize of $10,000.

crocodile picture
crocodile picture

In another incident related to crocodiles as well, but in complete contrast, a firefighter miraculously survived an attack by a giant crocodile despite losing half of his skull – earlier this month – and drone footage shows, “Juan Carlos La Verde”, a firefighter was attacked 12 feet long crocodile.

The sudden attack occurred in Lake Btonutosa, Florida, while filming a promotional video for a race that his company was hosting, and the video footage revealed the moment the crocodile swam towards La Verde and then closed its jaw around its head and chest. from his head.

La Verde said in an interview with the media: “The crocodile managed to insert my head into its mouth and continued to bite on it before I miraculously escaped from it,” and added: “The effect of biting was like hitting a brick wall. The firefighter said, “The crocodile pierced my skull and destroyed my jaw. It is very surprising that I survived.”

Regarding his survival, he said, “I used my hands to keep his tongue and teeth away from me and miraculously managed to escape and then continued swimming until I reached a safe bank.”


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