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The South Korean company, Samsung, announced the completion of the first development of a home toilet, in cooperation with the American businessman and billionaire, Bill Gates, an idea that Gates had begun working on or crystallizing his idea years ago, in order to purify and reuse wastewater.

The company revealed that the achievement, in cooperation with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is part of the challenge to “re-manufacture the toilet”, which is the first model intended for domestic use, as its mission is to purify water by killing microorganisms in human waste, from During heat treatment and biological treatment, according to Al Arabiya.

Samsung revealed that these methods contribute to diverting the emitted liquid waste and solid materials to make it safe for the environment, because water scarcity is a problem in some poor areas, adding that this toilet purifies the water so that it can be reused.

Toilet prototype

She indicated that she intends to grant licenses without royalties for patents related to this initiative to underdeveloped countries, in order to help countries introduce this advanced toilet into the homes of more people, and the South Korean company also confirmed that, once the toilet design is improved, it will seek with the Gates Foundation. Charity to obtain partners in its manufacture, to help introduce the product to the consumer market.

On the other hand, the company announcedTerraPower– Founded by American billionaire “Bill Gates” – its success in raising at least 750 million dollars in funding from investors for projects focused on developing medical drugs as well as nuclear energy. as quoted CNBC.

This funding will be used to develop nuclear energy technology and innovations in nuclear medicine, it said TerraPower In a statement, this comes taking into account that the energy generated by nuclear reactors does not produce harmful carbon emissions to the environment, but the problem lies in how to store nuclear waste that lasts for a long time.


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