A huge cloud surrounded by a “rainbow” in the sky of China dazzles residents

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A huge cloud surrounded by a rainbow dazzled residents in China, as it looked amazing and rare when it briefly appeared on the horizon during sunset, and the brightly colored cloud reportedly left locals confused by its surreal appearance after it was seen hanging in the sky, according to the website published. British Daily Mail.

This unique phenomenon was spotted over the Chinese city of Haikou on the southern island of Hainan on August 21, as a video posted to Twitter showed a huge dark cloud topped by a barely believable rainbow crown, with fiery orange, yellow and green colors on the edges.

The nine-second clip has since gone viral with more than 28 million views, more than 15,000 likes, and received more than 4,000 retweets. mantle, formed at the right time of the evening to produce an “iridescence” – or rainbow cloud.

Stunning colors decorate the sky in China

According to the report, rapidly rising hot air pushes a cumulus cloud above it, creating a smooth, mantle-shaped effect, where moisture condenses completely along the top of the updraft, then ice crystals and droplets in the mantle portion of the cloud refract sunlight when it hits the corner Just correct and creates a stunning rainbow effect.

A huge cloud surrounded by a rainbow in the sky of China
A huge cloud surrounded by a rainbow in the sky of China

The report explains that the clouds must be very thin and made of ice crystals or water droplets of uniform size. Pylos clouds are usually short-lived and end up being absorbed by the growing cloud beneath them by the process of convection. Pileus Always in bright colors like the one in the video, the Haiku people were treated to a striking example hanging in the sky.

A rare natural phenomenon stuns the people of China
A rare natural phenomenon stuns the people of China


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