Air France stops pilots who “knocked each other” in the cockpit mid-flight

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Air France suspended two of its pilots after a fight took place between them in the cockpit in the middle of the flight, forcing the crew to intervene, and a spokesman for Air France said that the administration stopped two pilots who arrived on a flight from Geneva to Paris. , last June.

The plane had barely taken off from the city in Switzerland when a row escalated between the pilot and co-pilot of the Airbus plane A320 to punch and grab each other’s collars, according to the BBC, citing La Tribune.

A fight between the pilot and co-pilot in the middle of the flight forced the cabin crew to intervene as one of the members decided to remain in the cockpit to take care of the duo for the rest of the flight to the French capital, and an Air France official said, “The accident ended quickly without affecting the behavior or safety.” The journey continued as normal.

Although the cause of the altercation was not specified, one pilot’s account of the events indicated an “unintended blow” was the cause of the aggression, while another claimed it was a slap. BEAExposing a series of safety violations by airline pilots, which includes, in particular, a flight in December 2020 from Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of the Congo, to Paris when pilots on board an Airbus plane failed A330 In cutting the engine after a fuel leak was discovered – a global safety measure, which violates this, the engine is at risk of ignition, and the aircraft has been successfully diverted to Chad.

The report cited 3 similar cases between 2017 and 2022, noting that in all cases, concerned pilots acted instinctively rather than following safety protocols.


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