4 yoga exercises that make you feel happy and relieve your stress .. the most prominent of which is the butterfly pose

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Finding a way to stay happy may seem like a daunting task, but to achieve happiness, yoga can be a trustworthy companion. It’s not just about getting benefits for your physical health; These simple exercises bring tremendous relaxation to the mind, as they can revive the mind and eliminate negative thoughts, so the seventh day reviews a number of available ways to deal with your daily stress, but yoga can be the ultimate solution to your problem according to the site “healthshots” As follows:

Yoga exercises that can lift your spirit, boost your mood and make you happy:

First: Put the dog facing down

The downward facing dog pose is an all-in-one solution to improve your mood in no time. Movement in this pose helps improve blood circulation, which in turn keeps you feeling energized. This is exactly why it is a great pose for nerves and can provide much-needed relaxation, if you are Tense, although it is not easy to perform, it also provides a large number of health benefits, so keep practicing this pose from time to time.

dog mode

Second: Putting the sentences

The Camel Pose stretches the chest, abdomen, and thighs, and is a comprehensive yoga exercise. This pose can help you deal with symptoms of anxiety and depression, and instantly improve your mood. You will feel relaxed, radiant and ready for what life brings after exercising, it can help increase lung volume and blood circulation in your body.

camel mode
camel mode

Third: Butterfly mode

The butterfly pose, also known as the restricted angle pose, is a pose that makes you happier. The exercise takes less time and offers many benefits such as relieving stress, creating a safe and calm space around you, and clearing your mind of negative thoughts.

Butterfly mode
Butterfly mode

Fourth: Placing the corpse

While performing any pose, if you feel tired, spend a few minutes in a crouched position to allow your body to absorb the benefits of the yoga you have been practicing, this exercise does not require posing or doing something that increases you effort.

corpse position
corpse position


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