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December is the last date for the union elections.. and the minister refuses to comment

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publish date 2022-08-29 20:01:36

The Compass – The Jordanian Teachers Syndicate’s representative, Bassam Freihat, said on Monday that next December is the legal deadline for holding elections to choose a new council for the union to replace the dissolved one.

Freihat added in a statement to Anadolu Agency that “after the final final decision was issued on June 26 by the Amman Court of First Instance in its appealing capacity to dissolve the Syndicate Council, the elections will be within six months of the decision being issued.”

And he continued: “After the decision was issued, and because there is no council for the union or a committee to manage its affairs, in this case, as the legal representative of the union, I addressed the Minister of Education (Wajih Owais) to form a committee to manage the union’s affairs until elections are held, in accordance with Article 27 of the union law.”

And he added: “I did not get any response, and I addressed him (the minister) again, to get an oral answer that the same article of the Syndicate Law (27) stipulates the issuance of a system that shows how the committee will be formed.”

Freihat explained that “the law is stronger than the system, so the minister is not allowed to delay the period of holding the elections, as the remaining time from the date of the dissolution decision is 4 months from today (Monday).”

And he considered that “the delay in issuing the system entails a responsibility on the minister, which means his failure to comply with his responsibilities under the law, and therefore his breach of job duties, and this is a crime.”

In a telephone conversation with Anadolu Agency, the Minister of Education refused to comment on what Freihat said.

On June 26, the judiciary issued a decision to stop the legal prosecution against the teachers’ union for all crimes attributed to it, while supporting the decision to dissolve its council, body and branches, and reducing the punishment of its members to three months.

In July 2020, Omar Al-Razzaz’s government suspended the union’s work and decided to close its headquarters on accusations of “financial abuses” and “incitement measures”, while the defendants deny this.

Forty-eight hours before these decisions, about 2,000 teachers marched near their union headquarters in the capital, Amman, in which they demanded adherence to an agreement signed between the union and the government in October 2019 regarding the approval of an increase (increase) on their salaries.

The Jordanian Teachers Syndicate was established in 2011, and about 140,000 teachers are affiliated with it.


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