Representatives approve 33 articles of the draft investment environment regulation

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publish date 2022-08-28 17:37:38

The House of Representatives, during an evening session held under the chairmanship of the Speaker of the House, Lawyer Abdel Karim Al-Daghmi, and in the presence of the Ministry’s authority, continued, today, Sunday, to discuss and approve the draft law regulating the investment environment for the year 2022.

So far, the parliament has approved 33 out of 52 articles that make up the draft law, as came from the Parliamentary Committee on Economy and Investment, with some amendments being made after an extensive discussion on the articles of the draft law.

During the evening session, the Council approved a number of the project’s articles as came from the government with the amendment of Item 2 of Paragraph “A” of Article 22, which stipulated that “the master developer, with the approval of the Council, may recover his lands whose ownership has been transferred to the registered institution in whole or in part” to be written off. The word “Council” and replaced by “Council of Ministers”.

The Council approved the decision of the Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee, to add a new article from paragraphs “A” and “B” to the draft law, No. 33, taking into account the renumbering of the articles.

Paragraph “a” stipulated that “the Petra Development and Tourism Region shall apply the provisions of the articles related to the benefits and incentives within the development areas mentioned in this law,” while paragraph “b” stipulates that “the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority shall allocate 50 percent of the revenues generated by the authority.” in accordance with the provisions of this law.”

According to Article 33 of the draft law, the House of Representatives agreed to grant the Ministry of Investment employees who are “in writing” delegated by the minister for the purposes of carrying out their duties, the status of judicial police within the limits of their jurisdiction in accordance with the provisions established in the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Al-Daghmi adjourned the session to next Tuesday morning to continue discussing the bill.

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