The strangest and most dangerous contraceptives through the ages.. from lemon to crocodile droppings to mercury

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There are many methods of pregnancy that we are accustomed to hearing and used by many women and men, such as the various types of contraceptive pills, permanent metal methods such as the coil, and external methods such as condoms, but there are many other methods that may be difficult to believe. That’s because our ancestors had a never-ending list of babies, but the idea of ​​contraception is actually as old as time. Certainly, contraceptives weren’t just the carefully packaged combined pills that we can access now. There were some weird contraceptives out there, so he reviews.” The seventh day, “Some of these means, according to the website”surecheck” As follows:


They used to use lemon juice to make a sperm blocker, because of the citric acid that kills them, which is a dangerous way of course as lemon juice can cause some really bad inflammation.

crocodile dung

Crocodile dung was used as one of the oldest methods of contraception by the ancient Egyptians in 1850 BC, a papyrus recommends the use of crocodile dung for birth control, as the ancient Egyptians believed that the thick and sticky consistency of dung would create a barrier wall that would prevent sperm from penetrating, but they realized that these were A contraceptive is dangerous and should never be used.


Women in ancient China resorted to drinking mercury to help prevent pregnancy, drinking just enough to prevent pregnancy but not enough to kill or poison mercury is known to cause brain damage, kidney failure, infertility and even death.


Doctors in ancient Greece suggested that women should squat immediately after intercourse and try to sneeze to expel all the semen, and in this way the woman could maintain childlessness whenever she wanted.

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