An ex-servant of British Princess Anne reveals her strange requests to prepare her food

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A former butler of Princess Anne, the daughter of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, revealed that she always ordered surprising and strange food from palace chefs, Stephen Kay said.Princess Anne, who has worked with the royal family for more than three years, said she prefers eating bananas that are too ripe and are almost on the verge of rot..

“Princess Anne was beautiful,” Kai said, in an interview, recounting a “funny story” that happened in the palace kitchen, and said Once the chefs clean up in the kitchen, you go and get things for breakfast and there’s always a bunch of bananas on the side that are literally black, left to rot, and never put away in the fridge,” according to the New York Post.

Kai added, “I remember asking who they were, and it turned out that the princess only eats black bananas.“.

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On the other hand, one of the royal chefs revealed – earlier – about the Queen Elizabeth II meal, which she has been eating for more than 9 decades. What the queen likes to eat, and although the 96-year-old has over the decades had many opportunities to develop her food further, it seems that Queen Elizabeth II has remained faithful to British flavours.

And when it comes to midday, the Queen is particularly fond of scones and chocolate cake, and Darren McGrady, Queen Elizabeth II’s former chef, said she has been eating jam sandwiches every day since she was a little girl.

Darren McGrady added, on his YouTube channel, that the Queen prefers strawberry jam made from the fruit picked from the grounds of Balmoral Castle in Scotland, according to the British newspaper, The Sun.


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