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Why did the drawings of an American series in Amman spark outrage and astonishment? (See)

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publish date 2022-08-28 09:32:31

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A state of disapproval and astonishment pervaded social media sites for the presence of a mural bearing the slogans of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization and Iranian symbols in the Marka area in Amman, before it was later revealed that it came in the context of filming an American-produced television series.

Video clips showed a group of young men and girls drawing slogans belonging to the popular crowd in Iraq, and pictures showing Iranian political leaders, in addition to Iranian flags.

The Director General of the Media Authority, Tariq Abu Al-Ragheb, inquired from the Director of the Royal Film Commission, Muhannad Al-Bakri, about the mural.

In turn, the Royal Film Commission clarified through its director Al Bakri, in press statements, the reality of the video of the murals of Iranian symbols in Amman, saying that the drawings came in the context of filming an American-produced television series that talks about the missions of a special operations team in the Middle East, specifically in Syria. Where “militias” affiliated with Iran are active.

The Syrian Orient Channel, which broadcasts from Dubai, published a video of the drawings under the title “Shiite Expansion in the Jordanian Capital.”

Al-Bakri confirmed that the producers of this series obtained the required approvals for its implementation, specifically the approval of the security authorities, which was also confirmed by the governor of the capital, Yasser Al-Adwan.

In the same context, the Royal Film Commission clarified that Jordan has become an important station for filming international cinematic works, and that these works, regardless of the issues they deal with, are an economic opportunity to employ and employ Jordanians.

Among the world famous films that were filmed in Jordan: “Rosewater”, a political drama, whose events revolve around the story of the arrest of a Canadian journalist of Iranian origin in Tehran, as well as “Transformers Revenge of the Fallen” which is part of the “Transformers” films. Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea, and grossed more than $800 million.

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