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A parliamentary meeting Tuesday to discuss the controversial “Children’s Rights”

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publish date 2022-08-28 14:20:12

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Parliamentary sources reported that the joint committee (legal, women and family affairs) will meet on Tuesday, 30/8/2022 at 11:00 am, to discuss the draft Child Rights Law for the year 2022.

Earlier, Representative Adnan Mashwaqa suggested that the discussion of the controversial Child Rights Bill would be moved to the next regular session of the House of Representatives.

In a statement to Al-Basala, MP Mashwaqa said that he had submitted the memorandum calling for the bill to be withdrawn to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, but this memo will not be discussed in the current special session, because it is not on the agenda.

He expected that the discussion of the controversial bill would be presented to the next regular session, because the committees to which the law was referred, namely the Legal Committee and the Women’s Committee, had not yet discussed it.

He explained that the government granted the investment environment laws, the companies law and the commercial competition law, and therefore the deportation of the draft Child Rights Law to the next regular session is very likely.

The deputy considered that popular and media pressures regarding the controversial bill have a role in postponing its discussion.

Representative Adnan Mashwaqah adopted a memorandum calling on the government to withdraw the child protection bill presented to the House of Representatives, stressing that the law has negative effects on Jordanian society, and there was a parliamentary rejection of it in the first reading due to its negative effects on Jordanian society.

He pointed out that other countries do not care about the interdependence of the family, while Jordan considers the family and its interdependence among the basic values ​​of society, and it is not permissible to separate the child from it.

It is noteworthy that the draft child protection law has sparked widespread controversy in the Jordanian street and within the corridors of Parliament, because of the amendments it carries, which were described as dangerous to the structure of the Jordanian family.

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