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5 deaths and 3,946 cases of corona virus in a week

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publish date 2022-08-28 16:33:00

Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 5 deaths, and 3,946 infections with the Corona virus, during the 34th epidemiological week of 2022, which runs from August 20 to 26.

In a summary of the weekly report, a copy of which was sent to (Petra), the ministry added that the number of cases recorded during the current week recorded a decrease of about 18.3 percent compared to the previous week’s injuries.

She indicated that the number of PCR tests that were conducted during the week amounted to 21,957, and the percentage of positive tests was 18%.

The number of cases currently receiving treatment in hospitals reached 59 cases, compared to 96 during the previous week, and the number of active cases was 3,353 cases, compared to 4,189 cases during the previous week, a decrease of 20 percent.

Regarding the vaccination file, the report indicated that the number of doses given during the week in the first dose is 1800, the second dose is 1605 and the third dose is 1054, with a total of 4459 compared to 4757 during the previous week, with a decrease of about 22 percent from the previous week.

It also showed that the total of the first dose was 4818836, at a rate of about 75.2 percent of the target group 18 years and over, and the second dose was 4555478, and 71 percent of the target group was 18 years and over, and the total number of the third dose was 676,310 doses. As for the vaccination in the age group 12-17 years, the first dose amounted to 238,532 at a rate of 25 percent, and the second dose was 203444 at a rate of 20 percent, and for the age group 5-11 years, the first dose was 337 people, and the second dose was 236 people.

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