Trend purple blush in makeup 2022.. Can you dispense with pink?

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Pink blusher is considered one of the classic types of make-up, and the favorite of many women because it is a suitable color for all skin tones. Despite that, different colors of blush appear from time to time for those who want to change and get a different and distinctive look, such as the purple blush that It is considered one of the most prominent makeup trends this year, according to the website ” bustle“.

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The trend of purple blush spread widely among users of the “Tik Tok” application, who were keen to publish video clips, while they were wearing make-up, which included purple blush, next to lipstick, mascara and other various makeup tools.

Rihanna in purple blush
Rihanna in purple blush

Despite its spread among social media users, the report indicated that the light pink red and warm peach are still among the favorite colors of many dark-skinned women, as the purple color does not suit their skin, however, some of them tried to put it on their skin with lightening its degrees. But their attempts failed.

purple blush
purple blush

Beauticians pointed out that women with light, medium and dark skin can use the color purple, but with the appropriate color tones with their skin so that they get a suitable look for them.


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