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What is the relationship of the heat wave to the prices of vegetables and fruits?

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publish date 2022-08-27 08:28:04

The Director General of the Jordanian Farmers Union, Mahmoud Al-Oran, said that the long heat wave that will affect Jordan, and the accompanying significant rise in temperatures, will negatively affect the agricultural sector, both its animal and vegetable parts.

Al-Oran added, in a televised interview, on Saturday, that the rise in temperatures will negatively affect the production of vegetables and cause early ripening of the fruits, which leads to an increase in the quantities imported to the wholesale markets, “the Central Market,” warning of a sharp collapse in prices.

He pointed out that rising temperatures will increase production costs due to the greater use of irrigation water, which will entail an increase in energy costs from electricity and fuel prices to farms.

Al-Oran pointed out that rising temperatures will lead to the emergence of some agricultural pests, as it is not possible to spray crops with pesticides, which will lead to a delay in production operations.

And he indicated that there will be an early ripening of the grape crop, which witnessed a collapse in prices before the heat wave, and it is expected that there will be more production of the grape crop and all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and thus a collapse in prices will occur.

Al-Oran said that the heat wave will have an impact on the supply of poultry feed, which will affect the production of meat and table eggs, warning against the death of poultry as a result of the high temperature.


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