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Negligent unions call for adherence to safety requirements during heat wave

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publish date 2022-08-27 10:48:50

The General Federation of Jordan Trade Unions called on employers in various economic establishments to adhere to the requirements of occupational health and safety and provide their requirements within the work environment, and to take the necessary measures and measures, during the heat wave that the Kingdom is witnessing and its impact will continue until the end of this week.

The union stressed, in a press statement today, the need for workers not to be exposed to direct sunlight during peak times, calling on employers not to endanger the safety of workers or affect their health.

The statement added, “Many labor sectors in which workers perform their tasks under direct sunlight and in open places, which requires taking measures and measures within the work environment that preserve the safety and health of workers, such as working in shifts, and providing hours for rest, calling for workers not to work during the peak period in open places.” , to keep them safe.

The statement called on the trade unions and their union committees to adhere to the instructions of the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health in the Ministry of Labor, and to abide by the warnings issued by the relevant authorities such as the Directorate of Civil Defense.

The statement pointed out that the provision of occupational safety and health requirements within the work environment is one of the labor rights guaranteed by the Labor Law, and it is the responsibilities of employers and departments of economic establishments to abide by this in order to preserve the safety of workers and protect their lives.

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