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Activating an interactive chat service for complaints that are not covered by the warranty through “WhatsApp”

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publish date 2022-08-27 12:05:32

The Social Security Corporation has activated the interactive chat service via the WhatsApp number (0793117117) for receiving complaints from workers who are not covered by social security.

In a press statement, today, Saturday, the Foundation called on every worker in the Kingdom who is not covered by social security, or who is covered without his real wage, or for any problem related to social security to send any code via WhatsApp number 0793117117 and automatically a set of options are presented to him, including filing a complaint. It relates to not being covered by warranty, incorrect periods, or unreal wages, and then completing the application according to the required fields.

The service also allows the facility to provide the institution with the facility’s geographical location in the event that the complaint is sent from the facility’s location. The Foundation confirmed that it treats the data it receives with complete confidentiality.


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