The world is not pink.. a man wished not to win $ 19 million in the lottery for this reason

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Millions may be waiting, or wishing that their names appear in the lottery prizes, as these prizes are of great financial value, but this New Zealander, who bears the name Mark Liebsham, wished he had not won the prize, which was estimated at about 19 million dollars.

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A large amount may fulfill anyone’s dreams, but for Mark Lipsham, it brought him a lot of crises, as he wished he had not won the prize, after half of the money disappeared and his life got out of control. It’s very difficult to deal with his newly earned earnings, according to “news.”

Lipsham said that the amount of cash he won worried him and caused him “depression, stress and frustration,” adding, “I found it very difficult and it led me to many problems.”

He continued to live in his modest home and did not make any major purchases, but after two years of relying on money, a neighbor introduced him to someone to run his life, and Lipsham gave him £60,000 to train him in his health, relationships, legal affairs and finances, and allegedly told Lipsham that This coach is “expensive but likes to get paid when he asks for it.”

Lipsham planned to invest in real estate and claimed to have given the advisor more than $2 million in December of the same year to make purchases for him.

The chancellor later refused to speak to Lipsham, and by that time, his bank balance had dwindled to $7 million.

Lipsham sued the chancellor to get the money stolen from him, telling the New Zealand Herald, “In the end it didn’t help at all, I was really scammed and I ran out of money,” and eventually tried to resolve the dispute out of court.


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