A raging elephant tears his healer’s body in half after being forced to move wood in hot weather

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In a tragic accident, a raging elephant ended the life of his handler, after he was forced to transport timber in high temperature in Thailand, and in a violent reaction from an angry elephant, he attacked his handler and tore his body in half with his tusks, and Supachai Wongten, aged 32, died instantly. year, while the elephant “Boom Bam” had a fit of anger when he was forced to carry heavy tree trunks in light of the high temperatures that reached 32 degrees Celsius on August 17, as reported in the newspaper “” THE SUNN “British.

the elephant

The report says that the elephant has been working on a rubber plantation for four consecutive days in Thailand, and the police and animal rescue workers arrived at the scene to retrieve the man’s body. They discovered that his limbs were torn, and the pictures show how his body was torn into several pieces, as his arms and legs were separated from the trunk.

Elephant's corpse
Elephant’s corpse

Surasak Chandi, of Taku Thong Police, said: “We were called to the scene at a rubber plantation where we found the body of the driver, the owner of the elephant was attacked and killed by his animal.

Rescuers and police found Supachai, who was not alive among the rubber wood after being stabbed and torn to pieces by the elephant.

The volunteers used the soothing arrow method to calm and evacuate the elephant in a three-hour operation, then took the animal in their truck and transported it to their facility for rehabilitation, and the caretaker’s body was returned to his family for funeral arrangements..


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