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According to its global prices.. Demands to reduce fuel prices for the month of September

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publish date 2022-08-26 13:51:10

Compass – Laith Al Nimrat

The popular demands to the government have increased in recent times, for the necessity of reducing fuel prices due to their global decline, amid difficult economic conditions experienced by the Jordanian citizen as a result of the high prices of many basic commodities and items.

The demands for the government to reduce fuel prices came after the global decline in its prices, and sensing the economic conditions experienced by the citizen, while popular activities demanded to stop relying on the citizen’s pocket as a government means to fill any financial deficit.

Representative Adnan Mashwaqa said that the rise in fuel prices in Jordan does not comply with any international equations, which is a very strange matter, as in all countries of the world fuel prices are declining except in Jordan, whose prices are on the rise.

In a statement to Al-Basala, he stressed that this indicates mismanagement by the government, which seeks to collect the largest possible amount of taxes from the citizen’s pocket, regardless of the cause or the repercussions on the citizen who suffers difficult circumstances.

He pointed out that the state wants to collect taxes from the citizen’s pocket, calling on the government to reduce fuel prices “because the pressure will generate an explosion,” noting that “it is remarkable that fuel prices in Jordan are much more than all the surrounding countries, and sometimes some officials compare prices in America, which is a comparison unfair and unfair.”

And “Mashoqa” expressed his hope that the government would retract the plan to raise fuel, but he said that “the data do not indicate that,” expecting that the government will implement the fourth lift that I talked about recently.

It is noteworthy that fuel prices in Jordan have reached record levels, as the price of a liter of gasoline, the octane 90, which is the most consumed, reached a dinar per liter.

The Jordanian citizen suffers from very difficult living conditions in light of limited income, and the repercussions of the Corona virus crisis, which cast great shadows on the living reality, especially on the poor category.


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