“Sleeping Eyes” is the most prominent makeup trend on social media.. Can you try it?

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Social networking sites surprise us on a daily basis with new trends in the world of fashion, whether from the creativity of its pioneers or specialists in these fields, and recently appeared on the “Tik Tok” and “Instagram” applications, a new trend known as “sleeping eyes”, which depends on the use of “eyeliner” “, in defining the eye and creating an appearance that makes it appear drowsy, according to the British newspaper “Metro” website.

sleeping eyes drawing

Levi Jade Taylor, makeup artist, said that the “sleeping eyes” trend depends on drawing a prominent winged liner from the lower part of the eye while raising the winged liner to the eye, and starting drawing the liner from the lower lash line and continuing directly towards the temple, and for “sleeping eyes” Easily it is preferable to start drawing from the side of the lower eyelashes line, which makes it easier to draw the angle of the line upwards, while drawing a more straight line.

sleeping eyes
sleeping eyes

Taylor advised, using a liner to draw the eye, so that it is easier for a woman to fix what she spoiled, noting that drawing the angle of the wing creates an almond-shaped appearance for the eye that makes it look attractive.

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It seems that the new trend won the admiration of many girls from social networking sites, who followed this trend and published their pictures on their own pages, and some of them published the steps of drawing sleeping eyes in the easiest way, which has spread widely during the last period.


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