A strange punishment from a Chinese company for its employees.. Those who do not achieve the target are raw egg structures

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A Chinese company sparked controversy online after employees were reported being forced to eat raw eggs as a punishment for not meeting expectations. Employees have to swallow raw eggs if they do not get enough orders in a given period of time or fail to meet management expectations.

The student claimed that his internship was terminated after he refused to comply with the rule, adding that management made him write “personal reasons” as a reason to terminate the training to absolve the company of any liability, odditycentral reported.

The student sparked outrage online, and posted a subsequent, anonymous video clip showing that company employees seemed to feel nauseous while trying to swallow raw eggs, which only led to increased anger on social networks, and people described this practice as inhumane, and warned of the dangers of eating raw eggs, and called for those responsible to be brought to justice.

raw eggs

Meanwhile, company representatives, whose names have not been released publicly, were unfazed by the backlash, simply claiming that eating raw eggs is clearly stated in the employee handbook. It says “What is the law that prevents you from eating a raw egg?”

The Labor Inspection Brigade of Jinshui County, Zhengzhou City is reported to be investigating the issue, but legal experts claim that they will need more than one certificate for this student, because his unpaid training does not qualify for work, so it does not fall under labor laws, however, if he testifies Any other employees against the company, things would be different.

Student Doe told reporters the consumption of raw eggs by employees as a form of motivation by the company, which management has since confirmed.

“Employees are responsible for results in the sales process, and rewards and penalties are clearly defined in the implementation process,” the company’s management wrote in a statement.

A report said employees who do not want to eat raw eggs as a punishment should swallow a whole tube of mustard instead.


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