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The price of some vegetables has gone up in the central market

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publish date 2022-08-25 08:32:20

The Compass – The prices of garlic and lemon witnessed a remarkable increase in wholesale prices in the central market, where the highest price of garlic was 3 dinars per kilo, and lemon reached 130 piasters per kilo.

Yesterday, the quantities of vegetables, fruits and leafy vegetables received at the central wholesale market of the Greater Amman Municipality amounted to 2733 tons, including 1674 tons of vegetables, 876 tons of fruits and 182 tons of leaves.

According to the Central Market Bulletin and the price list of items received in the market, according to the lowest and highest price per kilo. The price of black Ajami eggplants ranged between 7 to 15 piasters, dry onions between 20 to 35 piasters, potatoes between 35 to 50 piasters, and tomatoes between 7 to 15 piasters. Garlic ranges from 2 to 3 dinars, carrots range from 40 to 60 piasters, cucumbers between 20 to 45 piasters, a flower ranges between 25 to 40 piasters, lemons range between 80 to 130 piasters, and watermelon is between 15 to 25 piasters.


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