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The Council of Ministers approves the road map for the modernization of the public sector and its executive program

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publish date 2022-08-25 15:21:00

The Council of Ministers, in its session held today, Thursday, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh, approved the road map for modernizing the public sector and its executive program for the years 2022-2025.

The Prime Minister affirmed the government’s commitment to achieving the desired results from the public sector modernization map in reaching an efficient and effective public sector, and restoring the brilliance of this sector, which has made great contributions to the development process in Jordan and many sister countries over the past decades.

The Prime Minister also stressed that the public sector modernization map is live, flexible and capable of modernization and development, and is open to any positive improvements, pointing out that there will be pauses for review and improvement on the recommendations contained in the map and reconsideration according to the progress of work in its implementation and the solution of any legal, institutional or other obstacles. administrative or technical.

In this regard, the Cabinet approved the formation of the Higher Ministerial Committee to follow up the implementation of the executive program for the modernization of the public sector for the years 2022-2025.

The committee includes in its membership the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Minister of Interior, Minister of State for Information Affairs, Minister of State for Legal Affairs and President of the Civil Service Bureau.

The Council also agreed to create a unit for the management and implementation of the executive program for the modernization of the public sector and digital transformation in the Prime Ministry and to move forward with the procedures for starting this unit to carry out its work and assigning the unit to prepare the annual detailed plan for the first phase of the road map and submit it to the Supreme Committee for approval by the Council of Ministers before the end of this year.

The Cabinet decided to assign the Government Performance and Achievement Follow-up Unit in the Prime Ministry to monitor the progress of work in the executive program to modernize the public sector.

Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh had announced earlier that the road map for the modernization of the public sector includes executive programs over a period of ten years. The first phase of these programs during the period from 2022 to 2025, followed by an executive program over a period of 3 years, and another program down to the ten years.

On the other hand, the Council of Ministers approved a system amending the legal aid system for the year 2022 AD.

The system comes for the purposes of facilitating access to justice, strengthening the rule of law, providing fair trial guarantees, and expanding the groups benefiting from legal aid by reviewing the criteria and bases of their entitlement.

The Council of Ministers also approved an amended system for the management of hazardous materials and waste for the year 2022 AD, for the purposes of re-forming the Technical Committee for the Management of Hazardous Materials and Waste, by adding a representative from: the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Interior, and the Director of the Directorate of Waste and Hazardous Materials Management in the Ministry of Environment to its membership.

In view of the issuance of the Industry Support and Development Fund Regulation No. (45) for the year 2022 AD, and its publication in the Official Gazette, which would contribute to maximizing the benefit of the national economy by giving Jordanian products a greater competitive advantage and incentives in the local and global markets, the Council agreed on the reasons for the draft system Cancellation of incentives for industrial activities No. (13) for the year 2020.

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