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A statement issued by the family of a university hospital doctor

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publish date 2022-08-25 17:00:00

The family of the doctor who ended her life at the University of Jordan Hospital, Mirona Asfour, issued a statement about the details of what happened.

The doctor’s family demanded to stop circulating rumors about the causes of their daughter’s death, calling on everyone to pray for her mercy and forgiveness.

The family said in a press statement that Roya received a copy of it, that it had received many publications and questions from journalists about the death, and some of what was circulated were pure lies, which added to the family’s pain.

Merona Asfour

The family explained that their daughter, Mirona, was suffering from severe depression and sadness after the death of her mother, especially since Mirona was the only daughter of her parents and was very attached to her mother, who died before the end of the year 2020, shortly before her graduation.

The family pointed out that despite trying to help their daughter to overcome the state of sadness and depression, the disease managed to overcome her.

She called on the family to take into account the special circumstances of the family and give them a special space to grieve for their dear daughter, away from rumors, gossip and press interviews.

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