Service and confusion: “How do I get my friend out of his isolation after he was frustrated with his result?”

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“My friend succeeded in high school with a high score, and we were in a state of great joy and happiness…but the winds came in a way that the ships did not desire because my friend had his life’s dream of joining the College of Pharmacy, which was not achieved because of the difference in the total by only one percent, and this matter caused him a situation of Annoyance and isolation from those around him, so he does not answer his phone or any means of communication and does not go out with anyone, and the only person who responds to his call is me, but not in most cases.. My question is how can I get him out of this situation??


We transferred the problem to Dr. Reham Abdel Rahman, a researcher in mental health and family counseling, who said: “Firstly, I salute in you the spirit of honesty, loyalty, and keenness to stand by your friend in these difficult times he is going through, especially since man’s possession of friends of situations no longer exists in this time. As for your friend, he is going through a state of depression and anxiety about his future and the incompleteness of his dream and his desire to join the College of Pharmacy..

And she continued, “You have to listen to him and give him space to talk about his negative feelings, then go to his house and try to meet him face to face so that you can give him advice and guidance in an easier way, and so that you can get him out of this psychological state and the negative feelings he is going through, you have to talk to him positively about the choices. The other colleges of the top, which he can join, in addition to reminding him that God’s choices for us are always the best, and this matter may not be realized by man at the present time, but he will certainly realize it one day.”

She added, “You should also advise him of the necessity of choosing the specialization and college that is appropriate for him and the labor market, and not what he desires for mere desire. Try to convince him of the need to get out of this isolation and integrate with those around him, and I advise you to accept his bad mood and know that this bad psychological state is not directed at you specifically, but it is a test of the strength of your friendship with him and I know that you will definitely succeed in it by the order of God Almighty because of your purity of intention for the sake of God.

and confused

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