Natural recipes for treating sunburn..because if you still come back from the summer

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Many people prefer to be exposed to the sun for a long period of time, when sitting in front of the beach, in order to change the color of the skin and enjoy the fresh air, but some are surprised by sunburn, a problem that can be treated using simple methods and for this we review natural recipes for treating sunburn, according to what The site mentionedspa-in-spain“.

Natural recipes to treat sunburn

Aloe vera gel recipe for sunburn

Aloe vera gel helps treat sunburn, by applying it to the affected areas, on a regular basis, to achieve positive results.

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Lavender oil recipe for sunburn

Lavender oil helps treat many skin problems, soothe burns, because it contains anti-inflammatory properties, and relieve pain and relieve sunburn, by applying it to the affected areas.

Natural recipes to treat sunburn
Natural recipes to treat sunburn

Yogurt recipe for sunburn

Placing cold yogurt on sunburn for 10 minutes helps heal sunburned skin, so it is recommended to put it on the affected areas regularly to get a positive result.

Vinegar recipe to treat sunburn

Distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar helps treat sunburn by filling a spray bottle with vinegar and water to spray on the affected areas, dipping a cloth in vinegar and squeezing it gently and applying it to the affected areas, or taking a cool bath with diluted vinegar.

Recipes for the treatment of sunburn
Recipes for the treatment of sunburn

Cucumber recipe for sunburn

Cucumber helps cool the skin, and get rid of sunburn, by mixing the cooled cucumber to obtain a soft texture and then placing it on the affected areas, and the sliced ​​cucumber can also be placed on the eyelids and the skin affected by sunburn in a regular manner to treat this problem, and it is an easy way to implement And it doesn’t take much time.


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