It always makes you anxious and lies on you.. 5 signs that tell you that he is not worthy of your trust

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No one is without defects, but there is a defect that can be lived with and accepted in emotional relationships, and another defect that cannot be condoned, such as lying that makes a woman feel insecure and stable, and it is one of the signs that a man is not trustworthy, and psychotherapists have explained some of the signs Others that we review in this report, according to the website wellandgood.

5 signs you’re saying he’s not worthy of your trust

He changes the details of anything he says

Honesty is one of the main characteristics of a person who is trustworthy, so lying is one of the signs that he is not worthy of this trust.

feeling insecure

He does not admit his mistake

This person always deliberately defends his mistakes, and always appears as a personality who can take responsibility and trust, and in fact is the opposite, as he represents the personality of the victim in front of the other party.

I always hide anything from you

Among the characteristics that indicate that he is untrustworthy, is his constant attempt to hide most of the personal things from the other party, who feels doubt about his personality or motives and his desire to hide this information.

quarrel between two parties
quarrel between two parties

What can you depend on?

A woman may need to rely on a man for anything in her life, but for his past actions with her, he makes her think thousands of times before relying on him for anything in her life.

emotional problem
emotional problem

Makes me worried

According to the previous signs that the man is untrustworthy, he makes the woman feel uncomfortable, safe and constant anxiety, which leads her to think about his relationship with her, and make an important decision to end or continue the relationship.


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