Do you diet and not lose weight? 6 reasons behind the stability of weight

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A person may follow a certain diet in order to get rid of excess weight, but he may discover after a period of time that he has not lost any grams of his weight and may find himself suffering from weight stability or excess weight, which makes him feel hopeless and push him to overeat, and to treat This problem, we review in the report the reasons for the stability of weight despite following the “diet”, according to the website “”healthline“.

Reasons for weight stability despite following the “diet”

gain muscle

Hormones can affect the amount of water a woman’s body retains, and the body can gain more muscle at the same time it loses fat, and this is common for those who exercise, causing weight stability, but the change can be seen through clothing sizes.

weight stability

You don’t keep track of what you eat

Studies have indicated that following foods and the amount of calories they contain helps in losing weight, unlike people who eat food without paying attention to its calories and thus increase their weight.

Not eating enough protein

Protein is one of the important nutrients that help lose weight, as eating protein at 25-30% of calories boosts the metabolism process by 80-100 calories per day, and helps to feel full, and therefore eat a small percentage of Protein makes a person willing to eat and thus gain weight.

fatty foods
fatty foods

Eat a lot of calories

People who eat foods that contain a lot of calories, gain weight, so you must know how many calories each meal contains before eating it.

Not doing exercise

Exercise such as jogging, cycling, swimming, and other types of sports help improve health and get rid of the fat accumulated around the organs that cause many diseases.


More sugars

Drinks that contain a high percentage of sugar cause an increase in body weight, and this applies not only to soft drinks, but also to fruit juices rich in sugar.


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